KeyFrame 19 Overview

So, in case you missed it… we recently held our first ever video specific conference in Hamburg, Germany, in partnership with Travizeo. KeyFrame 19 was a great success, bringing together over 150 content creators, with a total of 53 sessions, 20 inspiring speakers, and four epic evening parties!

On the final evening, we hosted the KeyFrame cinema, where attendees showcased the videos they had created over the four days. What was so exciting was the number of entries we had from people who were creating and publishing their first ever video. 

We all know the importance of video. It is becoming ever more important in marketing campaigns. It’s easy to digest, offers a more personal feel, and from a business point of view (sorry) has a huge return on investment (ROI). From interviews, Q&As, product reviews, vlogs, cinematic videos, timelapses, behind the scenes, drone shots, hyperlapses there are endless video styles and techniques out there. 

We kicked things off with two creative days on the Thursday and Friday. Sessions took place all around Hamburg, really allowing attendees to get stuck in and explore the vibrant city of Hamburg. Attendees braved the cold weather to join in workshops ranging from how to create engaging and captivating Instagram stories to how to shoot B roll and presenting to camera.

This was followed by two conference days held at the super cool co-working space, Mindshare. Across these two days, we learnt practical skills, from sound and editing, to how to pitch to brands and how to turn your hobby into a business.

“KeyFrame is the place where business, creativity and community come together in an inspiring week with like-minded people. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, we all learn and support each other as colleagues and friends! Video is the future and we’re all shaping it together at KeyFrame.”
- Nienke Krook, The Travel Tester

Having had some time to reflect on the conference, I spoke to a few of the wonderful speakers from KeyFrame 19 about what they thought made a great video and their top tips for anyone starting out. Here is what they said…

What makes a great video?

Macca Sherifi, An Adventurous World

“When it comes to making a great video, it needs to fulfil a purpose. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to educate, entertain or inspire people, the core of the video needs a cohesive thread running through it with an overall purpose. If you can answer the question “what is my video about?” in a couple of quick sentences then you’ll be on the path to making a great video”

“When I speak to new content creators who are just starting out, I always say the same thing – just go out there and shoot. You can read blog after blog and watch video and video on how to do something, but unless you put yourself out there and try it for yourself you’re never going to learn. With video and videography, it’s all about practice practice practice. It’s amazing how much you’ll learn just from shooting.”

Shu, Deja Shu 

“At the risk of sounding like a giant cheeseball, there is only one of you in the world. So the best person to reflect on screen is yourself. If I’m ever conscious of filming in public, I remind myself that the footage I’ll get is much more worth any double take or glance from people I won’t see again (who are most likely only intrigued and interested anyway – so can be a potential conversation about content!)”

Kathrin Wittich, Kathrynsky

“For me, the secret is a little concept called storytelling. If the story succeeds in giving the audience a closer look, a reason for watching and something new, you’ll have a great video and an interested follower. Know the goal and the core message. So, don’t worry about feeling unconfident in front of the camera, be prepared.”

As I mentioned earlier, one really special part of KeyFrame for me this year was the KeyFrame cinema that took place on the final Sunday evening. We ran a competition – with massive thanks to our amazing sponsors Three – where one lucky winner could win a whole bunch of goodies, including the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10.

We received many entries, from some of the speakers, complete newbies to video, people who have been blogging for years and want to incorporate more video on their channel.

The winning entry of the KeyFrame cinema was from Charlie Keep, Pocket Trailblazer. Make sure to check Charlie’s winning video out here, and subscribe to her channel! What really set Charlie’s apart from all the other amazing entries was the story behind it. This was something that so many speakers seemed to re-iterate; the importance of telling a story throughout your video. Charlie’s winning video was honest and frank, and the whole room sat captivated when it was screened at the KF Cinema.

“It’s an event that has to be experienced rather than talked about. You can’t explain with accuracy the feeling of being surrounded by other like-minded individuals and how motivating it is to your own work. 10/10, I’d book my ticket for 2020 now if I could!”
- Ed Kirwan, Instagram @edkirwan

Don’t forget, if you were there it’s not too late to enter the second competition that we’re running. Simply email your submission to by 5th April. Entries can be across any platform, not just Youtube and can be about KeyFrame itself, your time in Hamburg or what skills you’ve implemented since the conference.

And finally, make sure to check out this awesome video below. The guys from Travizeo created this incredible video in the space of the four days that we were in Hamburg, and epitomises what a great video is!


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