Traverse Away Week

At the start of December the Traverse team went to the beautiful capital of Portugal, Lisbon for the first ever #TraverseAwayWeek.

The week provided us with the opportunity to pitch some innovative and exciting new ideas for 2020.

During the course of the week we had the chance to sit down and discuss our business strategy and where the company will be heading over the next 12 months. As a team of five now, Traverse is constantly growing and evolving. We discussed our mission and core values, which you can read about here.

On many of our community’s recommendations, we sought out some of the best co-working spots and cafes for laptop time. So whether you’re planning a trip to Lisbon to get some work done or for pleasure, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite spots.

“The week provided us with the opportunity to pitch some innovative and exciting new ideas for 2020”

Views over Lisbon

Views over Lisbon

Our favourite co-working spots in Lisbon


Selina (in case you weren’t already familiar), is a quirky hotel with an ultra modern aesthetic and is a self-professed “paradise for entrepreneurs and digital nomads”. For €10 per day, you can buy a day pass which grants you access to the hotel’s co-working area and a selection of hot desks.

They also have the option to book meeting rooms should you need somewhere more private for business. The day pass also includes access to the communal kitchen, which offers unlimited tea and coffee, and slightly more limited fruit and biscuits. There’s also a cool outdoor area, complete with tables and a swimming pool which I’m sure in summer makes a nice co-working spot in the Portuguese sun.

Quirky artwork at Selina Hotels
Quirky artwork at Selina
Turquoise swimming pool at Selina
More quirky artwork (and a very turquoise pool) at Selina


Outsite Lisbon describes itself as ‘comfortable co-living inside a historic building.’ While it may be this, it’s also a great little spot to grab your laptop and set up for a quiet afternoon of work.


Zippi only opened three months ago, but this beautiful little cafe is the perfect quiet spot to get some work done. Serving pretty plates of vegetarian and vegan dishes, it isn’t necessarily equipped for you to set up with your laptop all day, but it is peaceful and does a mean chai latte to get you through!

Flora and Fauna 

If, like me and have a sweet tooth, Flora and Fauna’s ‘Baga Pancakes’ are a MUST. It is an Instagrammers heaven, with its array of plants, dark wooden tables and pastel colours. Please note however, there are signs on tables warning people that working or studying on laptops is not permitted during “busy periods” and weekends.

Wooden table in Instagrammable Flora and Fauna in Lisbon
The very Instagrammable Flora and Fauna in Lisbon

Second Home

We didn’t actually manage to work from Second Home during our week away however it was recommended by several people in our community that we spoke to. The Traverse team have visited the London Second Home which was a great spot for co-working and looking at the pictures online of Lisbon’s offering, it seems there’s plenty of space and enough potted plants to keep any millennial happy.

Anastazja taking some photos near Lost In. Photo credit: @hanmeetsworld

When we weren’t hard at work, the Traverse team had the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Lisbon and make the most of some beautiful sunsets. The team had several favourite sunset locations: Anastazja’s personal favourite was Madame Petisca, while Charlotte preferred the beautiful panoramic views over the city from Lost In. One of Han’s favourite spots was Café de Garagem, where they did delicious and cheap drinks (and you were served your receipt in a shoe – trendy, right?).

Do you know of any other good co-working spots in Lisbon? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credits: @anastazjasadventures


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