Elite Conference – #MustSeeMenorca

21 & 22 May 2017

In May 2017 the Traverse team along with 50 elite influencers fly to the stunning island of Menorca for a one of a kind event.

This elite conference was an extra special event hosted in partnership with The Spanish Tourist Office and Menorca.

Mini Conference

The first of it’s kind for Traverse, the #MustSeeMenorca Elite-Conference saw two days of high level sessions, workshops and round tables.

The event was made up of both creative and practical session meaning that attendees could find themselves attending a session on how to take epic photographs or video in the morning and after lunch upgrading your project management skills.

Exclusive influencers

The event was exclusively for 50 invited influencers only.

Those attending came from a mix of primary niches including travel, food, family and lifestyle. The link between all of them is that travel is a focus on their channels. Influencers primary platforms were a mix of blogs, Instagram and YouTube.

Pre and Post conference experiences

All attendees had the opportunity to spend some time in Menorca before or after the conference and take part in pre and post conference activities and experiences.

16 – 23 May – for pre conference experiences
20 – 27 May – for post conference experiences
20 – 23 May – for conference dates only