Traverse Kingston

TRAVERSE 15, Kingston upon Thames, UK

27th March - 29th March 2015

Our first event, Traverse 13 in Brighton was described as "The knee trembler of travel conferences" and in Newcastle for Traverse 14 we went one better. For Traverse 15 in Kingston upon Thames we are looking to get back to basics, to over-deliver in quality learning, 1-on-1 practical advice and fun networking opportunities. So don't sit on the sidelines and suffer with FOMO, it's time to get involved with Traverse 15.

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Traverse Mingle


We’re really excited to be able to announce the launch of our brand new event, the Traverse Mingle. This is basically just a night of networking over a few drinks, in London, once a quarter. It will always take place on a Friday night, for reasons that I don't really need to say here! This event will always be 100% free to attend, and will continue with our brand ethos of doing events that are beneficial to, and don’t take advantage of, bloggers. Please drop us an e-mail with any questions on this, we will have a full launch on the website soon, with more information about what to expect from Mingle events, but for now we just hope you trust us and sign up to attend!



BlogStock 2014

It's about creativity, inspiration, collaboration and fun across the blogging niches. Imagine attending a workshop on creative writing, in a tepee, or an iPhone photography workshop wandering through the woods. You could sit on the grass whilst listening to a discussion on the future of blogging from the main stage, or hear about the latest in food blogging and Vine videos in a marquee.

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