Influencers Guide to World Travel Market 2022

World Travel Market is starting next week!

Held every year in ExCel, this huge exhibition welcomes thousands of travel industry attendees through the door. What’s more, after a very busy year at Traverse, we are excited to finally be able to meet with people and connect with those in the industry again.


A few years ago, we surveyed our Twitter and Facebook group to gather the very best tips on how to have the most successful WTM as a content creator and influencer. Tips range from footwear to pitching yourself to tourism boards so make sure to keep reading this collaborative blog post as it’s packed with useful information.

We’d also love to hear any of your other suggestions in the comments below!

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So, where can you find Traverse at WTM this year? What on-stand, evenings, socials and opportunities are happening?


WTM On-stand Events, Socials & Opportunities

Thailand Press Conference

Date: Monday 7th November
Time: 11.30am – 13:00pm
Location: South Gallery Room 22

Join Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) WTM press conference to hear the latest news and developments in Thailand as TAT announces a new marketing strategy for 2023.

TAT will also be announcing and awarding the seven winners of the annual Responsible Thailand Awards 2022 for their outstanding contribution to sustainable tourism.

A complimentary grab & go lunch box will be provided to all guests who attend

If you are free to join us (or a colleague who is attending the show) please email to secure your place and advise us of any dietary requirements for the lunchbox.


Egypt Press Conference and Buffet Lunch

Date: Monday 7 November
Time: 12:15pm – 13:00pm
Location: Room SG24

His Excellency, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities will be unveiling the latest news about tourism to Egypt in 2023 and there will be a buffet lunch from 12:15.

Please register your interest on the link below to make sure you’re details are shared ahead of the event. This event will only be open to those who have done so.

Sign Up:


Sarawak Press Conference highlighting new tourism product, plans for 2023 and eco-tourism

Date: Monday 7 November
Time: 3.00pm – 3.30pm
Location: Stand AS750

Press conference open to media, trade partners and relevant content creators. RSVP:


Balearic Islands Press Conference and Panel Discussion ‘Balearic Islands: a case study in responsible tourism’

Date: Tuesday 8 November
Time: 10:30am
Location: Stand EU500

Press conference open to media, trade partners and relevant content creators. RSVP:


Jordan Tourism Board press conference with sweet treats

Date: Tuesday 8 November
Time: 1:00pm

Join us at the WTM Media Centre to hear from the Jordan Tourism Minister, Mr Nayef Hamidi Mohammed Al-Fayez and Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director. The team will update on the latest news including the launch of the upcoming Wizz Air flight from London Luton to Amman.

Register here


Maldives Press Conference

Date: Tuesday 8 November
Time: 11.30am

Join us to hear how 50 years of tourism has led to the Maldives we know today, followed by updates on the country’s future plans.

Register here


Coffee and Pastry at the Sharjah Stand

Date: Tuesday 8 November
Time: 13:00pm
Locations: Stand ME550

On Tuesday, 8 November at 1pm we’ll be joining Lotus and Sharjah for an event reviewing Tourism developments in 2022 and announcing new developments for 2023

We’ll also be joined by the Sharjah Art Foundation as we have some coffee and pastries with some mingling on the first afternoon of WTM London 2022.

This event is full but we will add a few places on the day on the link below,

Sign Up:


Sarawak Networking with Malaysian Delicacies

Date: Tuesday 8 November
Time: 16.00pm – 16.50pm
Location: Stand AS750

Open to media, trade partners and relevant content creators. RSVP:


Sundowners and Live Entertainment on the Antigua Stand

Date: Tuesday 8 November
Time: 16:00pm – 17:00pm
Location: CA140

Antigua will be holding a small ‘happy hour’ event on their stand at 4pm on Tuesday, 8 November on their stand.

Please make sure to register on the link below as places are limited for this one and the Antigua team do need to know who is coming.

Sign Up:


Traverse Closing Party with St Kitts

Date: Wednesday 9th November
Time: 18:30pm
Location: Harrild and Sons Farringdon
We’ll be holding a relaxed final evening event after WTM London on 9 November with the team from St Kitts.

We’re looking forward to seeing people at 5CC, the private bar at Harrild and Sons in Farringdon, from 6:30pm.

Watch this space for more information on our fantastic sponsor (St Kitts) as well as what to expect on the evening.

Please note that while we’ll be putting on some drinks for those that arrive early, we will not be serving food at this event. Food is available at the venue thought (and it’s a very good menu).

Places for this event are free, but limited and there will be a guest list on the door, so signing up is essential. Please only register if you know you can attend the event. No shows may be restricted from joining future events.

Sign Up:


More events and opportunities will be added when they come in!

So, bookmark this page –


Your top WTM networking tips

Thank you to everyone who put forward their top tips, here are just a few of them:

Book your appointments strategically. WTM is huge and going from one section to another can take time, especially if they are located at opposite sides of the Excel. When you are scheduling appointments try to think which areas they are in. For example, keep the morning for meetings in Europe and the afternoon for the ones in Asia. Also, don’t schedule more than two appointments per hour and try to give yourself time to breath in between.

Joanna Davis,

Tell the world you have arrived, tweet and use Instagram through out the day. Use and check the #WTMLondon from now and throughout the event as it’s a great way to connect with other content creators and may just get you that extra meeting or connection with an exhibitor.

Lisa Picies

Take a packed lunch and snacks. The queues for the food places are enormous and you pay London prices for everything. Or eat early/late for lunch!

Nikki Turner-Chaplin,

 Join the WTM Content Creator group on Facebook! It includes lots of info about on stand events, and advice for newbies.

Roshni Patel

Use it as an opportunity to catch up with connections you’ve already made. It’s one place where you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be able to meet up with PRs and brands rather than spending days arranging meetings at their offices. Oh and wear comfy shoes!

Chloe Gunning, 

Don’t forget to have fun! WTM is a travel show. As much as is about business, it is about travel and having fun. Keep in mind that more than 180 countries are in one place, they are next to each other without any borders, you can travel from country to another, or even from a continent to another continent without taking flight in 3 days. All of these countries try to present their culture. There are various fun activities, new technologies, and great food and drinks. So this is a great opportunity to learn about different countries and having fun.

Mansoureh Farahani, 

Follow the event hashtag on twitter to find out about special events. At the end of the last day there are the festivals where some countries showcase their culture, food, and drinks. It’s a fun way to end the event.

Anisa Alhilali,

If it is your first WTM and you don’t have much practice pitching brands , don’t feel the need to dive into it straightaway. Have a conversation, be yourself, be nice , be patient, share your passions and also learn, listen what plans the destination or brand has for next year- it has to be a two way conversation and not just about you. WTM is a great place to get a feeling of what direction the travel industry is heading in- accordingly you can develop products or storytelling ideas that might become campaigns in the future. Build those relationships & sooner or later your efforts will bear fruit! Plus as everyone has mentioned here- have fun! 

Kashyap Bhattacharya,

Always strategic about which evening events you attend. They’re often spread out across London so you could end up spending most of your night traveling across the city to get between them if you’re not careful. Choosing one or two at the most will allow you to spend quality time at each one.

Julie Falconer, 

WTM can zap the energy out of you after just one day or all three. Create follow up draft emails with your media kits ready to send out to contacts.
Remember that many exhibitors might be staying on in London for several days post WTM for meetings with partners and clients, so don’t rush to send out emails on a Thursday or Friday.
Briefly customise your email, and send out at the start of the next week (Tuesday). We’ve found contacts to be more responsive when we do so.

Eulanda Osagiede,

Do your research and know your audience. Before arranging a meeting or even attending one, make sure you’re familiar with the destination, NTO or brand’s objectives and future plans.

Julia Newbound,

 Press conferences are great places for networking both with PRs and local companies. They also give you a great overview of what the destination’s priorities are for the coming year(s), making it easier to customise your pitch.


If you are there a few days, treat WTM as a whole travel experience. Be curious and open minded and independent. If you were unable to set up many appointments, wander the stalls and start up conversations as you would when travelling. Mix your journey up by using cable car, boat, tube and DLR to get to Excel. Accept initiations to the kind of parties and gatherings in the evenings that you might not normally attend. WTM is as much about the chance encounter as it is catching up with contacts. On my first WTM I randomly struck up a conversation with a travel editor sitting next to me and ended up working with him for six years.

Kirstie Pelling,

Have a look through the website first and note down the stands of what brands/tourism boards you’re most eager to work with. It’s a big place so you can make sure you see them first!

Jessica Esa,

Know what you want and what your value is. Organise meetings with warm and highly relevant contacts then communicate your offering. Quality over quantity, don’t burn out from too many meetings make time to enjoy soaking up the event.

Paul Dow, /

My 33rd show. Don’t wear new shoes, carry a spare pair to change into – your feet will welcome the change, up your vitamin C intake a few weeks before and pace yourself.

Nim Singh, 

Don’t feel despondent when every other blogger you know seems to be scurrying from pre-arranged meeting to pre-arranged meeting! Opportunities can arise simply from spontaneously approaching representatives on their stands too.

Steve Biggs,   

Bring a back up charger pack because we all know the battery life of an iPhone is utterly awful! Business cards, always take more than you think you’ll need, I can guarantee you’ll run out in a flash!

Kylie Bawden,

If you’re pitching to a brand that has diving, make sure to show up in a full wetsuit, mask and snorkel. They’ll appreciate the effort.
Preparation is key! If you don’t prepare it can be very overwhelming as there are thousands of people there and conference sessions happening in various different areas of the show. Before you come, have an idea of the sessions you want to attend, the people you want to meet and factor in time from getting from A to B (It takes me around 15 mins to get from one end of the hall to the other!). This year we have an amazing new appointment scheduling tool called Connect Me. This allows you to message and arrange meetings with exhibitors before you get there. If you’re approaching an exhibitor’s stand on the day, ask for the PR person as often the sales team will be manning the stand and they may not be the right person to speak to.

Emily Edwards,

Feel the fear and attend anyway – as a newbie to all things Traverse and WTM London last year, I had no idea what I was walking into. But off the back of a recommendation of a fellow content creator, I bought a ticket for Mingle and discovered an incredible new community and made some fantastic connections. Which has worked out very nicely a year later.

Han Talbot, Remote Life


Bonus WTM Material

Five years ago we spoke to World Travel Market’s Paul Nelson to get the low down on how to be prepared for WTM from an influencer and blogger point of view, much of the advice is still relevant!


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