10 Reasons To Get Excited For Traverse 19 in Trentino

As if there aren’t enough reasons to be super excited for Traverse 19 in Trentino, we thought we’d put together 10 reasons for you lucky ticket holders to be super eager to get to Italy in June!

So here we go…

1. Trentino!

What better place that the beautiful region of Trentino to host our annual flagship conference. Trentino is a stunning region in the North of Italy. Nestled between the Dolomites, the town of Trento is framed by rising mountains. Also, speaking from personal experience here, the food is incredible. We went for a few days in December and I ate well. The Trentodoc is also exceptional, if you fancy a little tipple…

The team from Trentino are so friendly, they are Italian after all, and made us feel so welcome. We know they will extend this to you over the course of your time there.

2. Focus on wellness

At Traverse, we place a great importance on the wellness of attendees and content creators. We know that being a freelancer or a digital content creator can take its toll on your mental health. Join us for sessions led by yoga teachers, and a cognitive hypnotherapist.

3. Business sessions

There will also be a key focus on monetising your channels. This is something that a lot of content creators wish to know more about. How do you make money from your blog? Affiliates, sponsored posts, paid press trips, creating offline products and services such as tours, books? All your questions will be answered by our expert speakers.

4. Networking with other, like-minded content creators

This one is important to us at Traverse. KeyFrame was my first Traverse conference (yes I must admit I was slightly nervous beforehand), but the overwhelming feeling I got from it was the huge sense of community. Like me, there were many people for who this was their first Traverse conference. Having spent four days meeting, mingling and connecting with new people by the end I felt like I’d made genuine friends, people that I’d had a laugh with and had learnt so much with… (Apologies, that’s enough cheese for one blog post, I promise).

Genuinely, the other thing that I found so reassuring was there was no divide or hierarchy in speakers and attendees. Everyone got on so well, had fun and this meant there was no “us and them.”

5. Midweek Experiences

We’ve got some amazing Midweek Experiences in store for you all… These will open one month before the conference starts. In the meantime, we can tease you with some of the incredible activities that you could be getting involved in, including star-gazing, helicopter tours, yoga, horse riding. Sounds exciting, right?

6.Post Event Adventures

The Post Event Adventures are brand new to Traverse 19 this year. And what a line up we have… From white water rafting, hiking, rock climbing with an Olympic athlete, swimming, there is something for everyone. You do have to register for these, so please do register your interest here.

7. Opportunity for networking and meeting brands and sponsors

We’re in the process of finalising our wonderful partners for this event. This will mean that at Traverse 19 we will have some great sponsors for you to connect with over the conference and the days leading up to it.

The pavilions will be home to our Partner Lounge, where you will be able to meet with and chat to the amazing brands and destinations that will be getting involved.

8. Skill specific

Looking to improve your photography? Videos? Podcasting? By focusing on specific skills you can tailor Traverse 19 to only attend the sessions and workshops that you think will be of most use to you.

9. No keynote speakers, no stuffy hotels

Maybe this is a given, being a Traverse event. But, as you may know now, at Traverse we don’t do conventional. We don’t like super formal events where keynote speakers will tell you how great they are. While these do have their place and can be super informative, we find that sessions are so much more engaging when they are geared up to focus on something specific. We have some amazing and successful speakers, and the conference itself will take place in the Teatro Sociale.

For the two days, we will be taking over this amazing Italian opera house. Make sure to check out the top floor as well, the views of the Dolomites and the town of Trento are pretty epic.

10. It’ll be a laugh

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to count this as a separate point (?) but Traverse 19 will be so much fun. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, connecting with ones I’ve already met and doing so in the amazing atmosphere of this incredible Italian region.

Will you be joining us in Trentino? Comment below if so!

If you haven’t yet secured your ticket, buy one now!

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  • Can't wait! This region was already on our list and with Traverse taking place there next June, it seemed like the perfect timing to visit it. See you all there in a few months.

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