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S2 E3: Conquering World Travel Market as an Influencer with Paul Farrugia | Global Help Swap

In episode 3 we get to grips with World Travel Market with the help of Paul Farrugia from www.globalhelpswap.com. Paul gives his tips for the event from his years of experience attending as a blogger.

We chatted about:

  • Planning before WTM
  • What to wear as an influencer at WTM
  • Social events & festivals at WTM
  • What action to take after WTM
  • Speed networking at WTM


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Paul is co-founder/director at Traverse and also a long term travel blogger at www.travmonkey.com. His new project is all about learning to surf and leave the stresses of the city behind at www.surfandunwind.com.



  • I can verify what Michael was saying at 47' 40" about being a useful go-between influencers and WTM itself. As mentioned right at the start (thanks for the name-check, guys!) I've been to every WTM since 1989, so I should know what I'm doing but when I have problems, for example getting the press registration system to generate my badge (it happened this year), the first place I go to is Michael, because i know he is regularly talking with Paul Nelson and the others at WTM and will have an answer or can get one!
    • Wow! That's a lot of WTM's! Haha yeh Michael definitely leaves himself open to a barrage of messages and emails about registrations etc. He secretly enjoys dealing with it! :D

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