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#TraverseTalks: Journey to 100k YouTube Subscribers with Travel Beans

Series 3 of #TraverseTalks has begun!

We’re LIVE every week on our Facebook page and group at 1pm (GMT) chatting to some of the most inspirational and talented content creators around as well as insight for industry professionals.

In the latest episode we sat down over Zoom with YouTuber’s Emma and Alex from Travel Beans.

We chatted about (amongst many other things):

  • How the started out and how difficult it was to get to 15k subscribers
  • YouTube tips, analytics, thumbnails, target audiences
  • Conquering the algorithm
  • Mental health as a content creator and digital nomad
  • Plans for the future


You can watch Traverse Talks on our YouTube channel, or if you prefer listening you can get the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Sound Cloud, Spotify or anywhere else you usually listen to your podcasts.

Please note: If you’ve enjoyed this or any other Traverse Talks episodes please do think about leaving us a rating and review on iTunes, it helps us to grow our audience.


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