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S2 E1: Kick Start Your Podcasting with Lucy Lucraft | What She Said

We kick off the new series of Traverse Talks in a lovely budget hotel in Brighton chatting to Lucy Lucraft from the awesome “What She Said” podcast about starting out podcasting, her experiences and successes.

We were in Brighton for our Traverse Social so thought we’d take the opportunity to catch up with Lucy as we actually used to be part of the Traverse team.

We chatted about:

  • Blogging, traveling and how things have changed
  • How she transitioned from blogger to podcaster
  • All about “What She Said” and what topics it tackles
  • How to start a podcast and the issues with starting out
  • What equipment/software you need to start your first podcast
  • How/where to publish your podcast
  • “What She Said” Successes and tips
  • What Lucy would do differently if she started today



You can watch Traverse Talks on our YouTube channel, or if you prefer listening you can get the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Sound Cloud or anywhere else you usually listen to your podcasts.

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