Digital Marketing and Events Intern


Are you looking to get start your career in marketing and events? Or maybe you’re just looking to give it a go to help you decide what you may want to do long term?

Traverse are looking for an intern to be with us from December this year through to April of next year, when we’ll be holding the largest event we’ve ever done, Traverse 17 in London.

About the role

  • The successful candidate will be working directly with the founders and directors of Traverse.
  • You’ll gain experience across all aspects of digital marketing and events.
  • The days and hours are flexible, as is the location, although you will need to be able to travel to Central London, especially at the start.
  • No experience is necessary, just passion and a willingness to put up with Michael and Paul, which is something no experience can get you.
  • While the role runs until the end of April, you do not have to be available for the whole time, so let us know when you would look to do this.

About the successful candidate

  • To fit in with us at Traverse the key attribute is flexibility.
  • You’ll be eager to learn and grow in a very fast paced role.
  • You’ll like to have varied weeks, no two days, or two hours really, are the same at Traverse.
  • You’ll like to try new things and not be afraid to get some stuff wrong, if we were scared of that we’d not get anywhere!
  • You’ll be fun and up for an after work (or lunchtime) beer when the time is right.

While this position is technically unpaid, we do recognise that very few people can afford to work for free. If you’re with us longer term we will look into payment and of course will cover travel and expenses.

If the right candidate also feels we’re the right fit for them, we’d love to turn this into a full time role as soon as we at Traverse and you are able to. However, please don’t feel you need to have availability beyond April or that this is one long job interview.

Any questions at all (there are no stupid ones, usually) please just email us and we’ll get right back to you.

To apply, please send in a short cover letter and CV if you have one (some previous employment detail on a cover letter is also ok) to Michael and we’ll be in touch.

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