The benefits of hands-on learning

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Learning environments are often depicted with rows of desks all facing the front where the teacher, tutor, or lecturer relays information in a non-participatory way.

The learner will maybe take a few notes but might not understand some of it, rendering said notes useless when they are revisited later on. This is arguably an old-fashioned way of learning, one which stereotypically features a blackboard and a strict teacher with horn-rimmed glasses.

Times Are Changing

Times are changing, though, and the world is beginning to realise that inclusive techniques and practical demonstrations tend to stick in the learner’s mind for much longer that the recital of information from an authoritative figure. If the learner is allowed to question things and conduct trial and error practices, they are more likely to remember it for next time. We learn from our mistakes and our own personal experiences.

The Traverse Approach

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This is precisely what Traverse wants to build on. Conferences tend to conjure up images of large rooms set up in a lecture-like fashion with a question and answer segment at the end that is always greeted with a stony silence. However, instead of ‘lectures’, Traverse will conduct interactive workshops which will allow you to try out what you are learning as you go. Instead of being bombarded with new information, you will have the opportunity to practically carry it out to suit your blogs’ own needs with the help of an expert. In addition, the casual group atmosphere means you can help each other out and glean perspectives from a variety of sources rather than just one.


The more personal and laid-back approach will provide extra time for questions and will allow you to get additional quality time with a person who is in the know. Plus, if your queries go unanswered in the session, you can follow up on the Sunday morning where there will be the chance to speak individually to the workshop leaders in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

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