Our Mission, Vision and Core Values


We thought it’d be a good idea to highlight our vision and core values going forward, so that if you think we aren’t adhering to them you can call us out.

If you attended our first conference, Traverse 13 then you may have noticed how we want to work. We believe that in an increasing connected world that people should be open, transparent, approachable and responsive.

We don’t particularly like hierarchies but prefer instead to believe in the community for identifying the way in which we approach things.

The Mission & Vision

  • To help bloggers & industry learn skills required to succeed online.
  • To produce a relaxed, fun & conducive environment for ideas, skills learning, innovation and networking.

Core Values

  • TRANSPARENCY – from the very beginning being open & honest in what we do, what we are trying to achieve and allowing Traverse to be about the community for bloggers, sponsors and industry
  • OPENNESS – we want you to be part of it, we take on board feedback from everyone, if you have a query or a question we strive to give you the best answer we can
  • FUN – we love what we do and we want you to feel that too because we believe that by doing so we will produce our best work
  • INNOVATION – we pride ourselves in doing things a little different, taking a calculated risk or two because there are huge opportunities in innovating where others wouldn’t dare

If you have any thoughts or feedback yourself, leave us a comment.

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