Details of Traverse 24 post trips

Post Trips - 5th February - 11th February 2024
Our hosts, Georgia will be offering two exciting post-tours options that will take place right after the conference.

Places are for selected creators who hold a ticket for Traverse 24 only. All ticket holders will receive an email with details on the application process to join the trips.

Post Trips

TRIP 1 - Winter Sports and Culture in Guduari


Georgia is home to many exceptionally beautiful winter resorts, Gudauri might be the most well-known of them. Situated 120 kilometres away from Tbilisi, this amazing mountain and ski resort is especially popular due to its accessibility.

You can depart from sunny Tbilisi and be on the slopes before lunch. Gudauri is covered with snow for about five months of the year, making it perfect for skiers, extreme sports enthusiasts, active travellers, and people who are drawn to the alpine charm of Georgia’s mountains. 

Gudauri is home to the highest altitude adventure tourism school in Europe, where mountain, alpine, ski, and walking guides and ski instructors teach aspiring tourism professionals to international standards, including the IFMGA certification for mountain guides. 

9 February - Visiting Stepantsminda

Just 32 kilometres from Gudauri is the quaint mountain town of Stepantsminda. This small settlement is nestled in between the Caucasus Mountains and is proudly watched over by Mount Kazbegi, whose massive slopes make the peak atop which the iconic Gergeti Sameba Trinity Church looks tiny by comparison.

It is possible to visit the church on foot or by taking a taxi up the mountain, with a paved road covering 5.6 kilometres from the town’s centre to the church.

Masterclasses in Making Khinkali

In Georgia, khinkali is not just a part of the cuisine, but also a tradition and an inseparable part of the culture of the country. In the mountains of Georgia, it is considered to be a dish symbolising an offering to the sun, Khinkali is usually eaten with beer, as brewing beer was more possible than making wine in the mountains of Georgia. Eating khinkali with your hands and slurping out the juices so that not a single drop is spilled is essential to make the most of this delicious dish.

Cable Car to Kobi

It is also possible to take a cable car from Gudauri to the village of Kobi, the cable car connecting Gudauri and Kobi offers absolutely stunning views, so be sure to pack your camera!

Ananuri Fortified Castle Ensemble

An imposing fortress that has heroically stood the test of time, Ananuri Fortress was once the fortress of the feudal family residing on Aragvi River, from where they used to control strategic roads. Today, the remnants of this impressive fortification are a popular tourist attraction on the way to Tbilisi from Gudauri.
10 February – Return to Tbilisi

TRIP 2 - Svaneti Region


If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure and find traveling through a region full of history and beauty, then you should visit Svaneti and see Georgia's highest peak, lovely nature, untouched forests, villages with towers harmoniously adapted to the cliffs, and the mountains towering proudly above you.

6 February – Sightseeing

They say it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, but can’t it be both? When you visit faraway Mestia, the journey and the destination will vie for your attention and for space in your camera.
  • Margiani House Museum
  • Tower of Love in Svaneti
  • The Svaneti Museum Collection

8 February- Visiting Ushguli, The Highest Settlement in Europe

At 2,200 metres above sea level, Ushguli is one of the highest settlements in Europe, and one of the most extreme points in Svaneti, from which trails go towards the highest peaks of the Caucasus Mountains.

It goes without saying that the famous Svan Towers are on display in Ushguli, and dozens of these impressive fortifications grace the villages. Their presence is complemented by the 12th-13th-century fortress built during Queen Tamar’s reign.

Other notable sights in Ushguli include the Lamaria Mother of God Church, the archaeological museum, the summer and winter towers of King Tamar, and the St. Barbare Church in the Murqmeli village. Thanks to this unique and authentic architecture, Ushguli is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Ushguli is on the slopes of the 5,201-meter-high Shkhara peak. This is Georgia’s highest peak, and the third-highest in the Caucasus Mountain Range. Departure to Mestia.

9 February - Masterclasses in Making Kubdari

On hearing the word “kubdari”, Georgians think of Svaneti, since kubdari is an indelible part of Svan cuisine, made from a special mix of diced meat, forest savoury and Svan spices. What makes kubdari truly unique, though, is a particular spice that Svans call “gitsruli”.

Finishing off with dinner with the folk music of Svaneti.

10 February - Return to Tbilisi