In its 10th year, Traverse is a unique conference full of opportunities
Traverse is a unique conference that offers the opportunity to network with influencers, digital content creators, writers and bloggers from all over the world. Traverse has more of a festival vibe and is all about the community, relationships and networking.


We believe our brands and sponsors should be part of that community, adding value to the event and participating in the community.

Make connections and lasting relationships with over 250 skilled influencers, writers, bloggers, podcasters, photographers, videographers, vloggers and social media types across many different niches including travel.

If you're looking to get your brand, service or destination in front of some of the world's best content creators and influencers then Traverse 24 is the place to be. 


There are many ways in which organisations of all sizes can be a part of Traverse 24 and make it the biggest and best influencer event of the year. We work closely with every partner to create the perfect package to suit you and your targets for influencer marketing and outreach. This can include anything from a Thai cooking class to VR skiing and everything in between. Of course all of the usual sponsorship opportunities are there too, sponsor stands, logo placement, email marketing etc.

As Traverse also has its own agency, Traverse Connect, there is also plenty of scope to ensure that partnering with Traverse spans more than a just single event touch point. We host multiple events and campaigns throughout the year that could support your brands strategy for the year.


If you'd like to apply to sponsor Traverse 24 in Georgia drop us an email at info@traverse-events.com and our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Email: Info@traverse-events.com

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