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Rich McCor - Traverse 24 speaker profile photo


Creativity in the world of Travel Photography
Paperboyo (real name Rich McCor) is a photographer who has been described as "a non-destructive vandal". With a camera & carefully crafted paper cut-outs he's carved out a new niche in the world of street art by transforming cityscapes into something unexpected using forced perspective illusions.

Starting in London as a hobby, it quickly got out of hand and became a full time career just a year later when his work went viral.

By observing his surroundings in a different way & letting himself play with "even the most silly ideas", Rich now travels full time creating content for his online audience of over half a million while also being hired by brands including Dyson, Red Bull and F1 to bring his unique perspective to their campaigns.

Toba Courage

Method Of Storytelling - Song Heroes
Toba Courage is a creative and adventurer with a love for travelling and content creation, he expresses this through his YouTube channel "The Hack" which has amassed over 850,000 subscribers, sharing tips, tricks and hacks on living smart and being money savvy around the world

Tamara Gabriel

Mastering the basics of vlogging, from camera settings, to filming, to the final edit
Tamara first got into filmmaking back in 2016 when she ignited her passion for photography. After discovering the video settings on her first DSLR, she soon fell in love with shooting video, and it didn't take long before video took over photography. With a keen interest in documentaries, Tamara took to shooting mini-documentaries, whilst learning everything she needed to make great videos.

When she decided to document her journey on YouTube by showing behind-the-scenes videos whilst filming her mini-docs, she naturally found herself talking about the gear that she’d used and why she chose certain pieces of gear over others, and this then lead on to Tamara focusing more on camera gear reviews over time, which is mainly what her YouTube channel is about today, alongside filmmaking tutorials and tips.

With vlogging being one of many creative approaches to creating videos, Tamara began to adopt a vlog-style-approach to her reviews, and so she takes every opportunity to get outdoors and film her videos on-location using a combination of drones and various cameras that each play their role in capturing different types of footage from various different angles for a more enjoyable viewing experience.
Laura Bubble - Traverse 24 speaker profile photo
TikTok: @laurbubble


Advanced TikTok 
Laura is a comedian, presenter and content creator who has worked with many companies including BBC Comedy, Comedy Central, BBC3, EA, Disney, Radio 1 and Hat Trick Productions. She scripted, presented and blogged for two shows on CBBC for over 4 years as well as having been selected by YouTube as one of their six "Women in Comedy" in the UK with WhoHaha and producer and actress Elizabeth Banks.

Laura has hosted many red carpet interviews including BRITs, NTAs and EMAs and regularly does stand-up. She began her career in 2007 uploading comedy sketches and parodies to her YouTube channel which have now over 4.5 million views and has also accumulated over 1 million followers posting comedy sketches on TikTok.

Karl Watson

Video Editing
Karl creates long-form films that capture the complete travel experience, aiming to provide pure escapism, entertainment and inspiration.

Having worked as a video editor in London for 16 years, his travel films have grown from a side-hobby to now leading group tours around the world. 

Martin Schlösser

Unlocking the Creative Power of AI: A Journey for Content Creators
Martin is a Hamburg based innovation and motion designer for The Shack, a creative production studio. His extensive expertise spans across various facets of video production, with a particular emphasis on conceptualization and post-production. He's consistently exploring cutting-edge technologies such as AI and the Metaverse.

Furthermore, as a lecturer at the University of Applied Science, he imparts knowledge ranging from the fundamentals of video production to advanced CGI, VFX and compositing courses.

Additionally, Martin actively participates as a jury member in film festivals, offering valuable support to budding filmmakers and their talents.


Monetising on Facebook
Since 2014, Nicola has been running the travel and food blog Polkadot Passport, which has amassed over 500k followers across social channels.

She also runs the Travel Creator Masterclass, a course which helps people turn their passion for content creation into a profitable business.


Judith is a renowned international speaker, writer, trainer, blogger and digital media consultant specialising in applying strategic understanding of digital technologies to help businesses innovate and optimise their effectiveness within the new, networked communications environment.

She has over 25 years of experience, predating Google in her entry into the market, and now runs her own consultancy. Judith is a seated member of the WBA think tank which seeks to utilise AI and blockchain in the digitisation of the wine sector. She had worked with a number of wineries on their digital presence.

Judith is also a board member of the Academy of Chocolate (AoC), a grand jury member of the AoC awards, and delivers educational training for the academy. Judith has written about wine tourism for a number of publications including the Huffington Post, and has a social presence at This Foodie Travels. She is also involved in judging a number of international wine awards.

Stephen Haughey

Scaling a blog into a business
Stevie Haughey is an Irish travel writer, author and entrepreneur. Since starting Ireland Before You Die from his university bedroom in 2014, he has grown the website to reach over 1 million readers per month and over 600,000 followers making it the biggest independent Irish travel website.

Following the success of Ireland Before You Die, Stevie founded the company Emerald Green Media which manages Ireland Before You Die and two other popular websites. In 2019, Stevie was nominated for Northern Ireland’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

In his spare time, he loves exploring Ireland and is enthusiastic about sharing his experiences with others.

Gavin Ramjaun

Being a presenter 
Gavin Ramjaun is a presenter, host and senior journalist across popular TV and radio shows and content in the UK in sports, entertainment and news. His TV work includes hosting and anchoring for BBC Sport and BBC News, BBC One, Sky Sports News, Sky News, CBS News in America, breakfast television for ITV and Channel 5. He’s also known for his work as a global speaker, talking to international business groups on making messages and stories count, his life experiences and working his way up from the bottom as a runner, to his experiences with diversity, racism and breaking barriers.

These experiences have led him to begin a new chapter in his broadcasting and publishing career, with the start of his Multi-Channel Broadcasting network MAN-ZILLA online and on social. It's a men's focussed news and entertainment platform. The channel caters for independent news and feature projects, to address men’s status issues, mental health and identity. Born and bred in Worcestershire, he’s a keen footballer in his spare time  - he played semi-professionally as a teenager and in university, and now plays regularly for charity and media teams touring the country.

Travel and learning about new cultures is something he is truly passionate about, an interest stemming from his roots in Ile Maurice, with relatives also across Europe. Random fact about him … he held the world’s loudest whistle in 2007!

Karen Sargent

Make ideas happen
Karen in an Organisational Psychologist that specialises in boosting performance through wellbeing.

She is passionate about helping individuals work smart so that they achieve their goals without burning out. 

NicK trueman

Make more money by nailing the business side of being an influencer 
Nick has been in the SEO & PPC space for over 15 years, having since founded his agency SPEC since 2011. Since 2015, Nick has been servicing some of the largest global household brands with a remit that extends far beyond just 'Google Marketing'.

He works heavily with influencers, hosts the globally followed podcast 'Winning With Shopify' and will stop at nothing to assist a brand in increase their revenue. 
Facebook group: Winning with Shopify
LinkedIn Page: Winning with Shopfiy

Joanna Davis

Gain Financial Independence with Niche Websites
Joanna's background is in journalism, with a master’s degree in multimedia production. She has been certified in SEO, Google Search, and the Display Network at Jellyfish Marketing Agency in London.

Joanna has built a portfolio of successful niche websites monetised through advertisement and affiliates, only with the use of SEO.

During the past year she have started mentoring other bloggers, helping them with their SEO strategy and niche branding. 

Sabrina Chakici

Solo Content Creation Tips & Tricks 
Sabrina is a Luxury Travel Expert and TV Presenter with a decade of on-screen and online experience in the travel industry.

Throughout her media journey, Sabrina has hosted prime-time travel shows for household brands, including Channel 5, E!, and TravelXP. Beyond her television endeavors, Sabrina has cultivated a 100k-strong community across social media platforms and her blog, clutchandcarryon.com, focusing on curating opulent travel experiences and featuring some of the world's most luxurious hotels.

As a dedicated solo traveler and advocate of the 'Me-Moon,' Sabrina has spent the last two years championing the art of self-portraiture and creating self-filmed videos.

Fiona Anderson

Everything you ever wanted to ask a Travel PR but were afraid to ask
Fiona is a Company Director at specialist travel and lifestyle PR agency, GEC PR. Fiona has enjoyed a 25-year PR career, spanning corporate, lifestyle and travel spheres.

Fiona’s travel client experience includes premium tourism brands that include Aitken Spence Hotels, Conrad, Kimpton and Hilton Hotels.

Fiona has also represented destinations as diverse as Central America, India, the Maldives, the Philippines, Jamaica, and Kyoto in Japan. Fiona is a Fellow of the UK’s Tourism Society. 


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