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Following on from last summer’s BlogStock, we’re delighted to again be working with affilinet. Along with two special events we have coming up, we are also working to inform bloggers and content creators about affiliate marketing, how it can work for them and how to get started with affilinet and their brands.


Who are affilinet?

These days the blogging landscape is vast and complex, with a range of ways to monetise your site and affilinet are here to help!

As an affiliate network, affilinet can connect you with a whole host of leading brands across a range of vertical markets and help you to monetise your site.

Their advertising platform automates display and native advertising for thousands of publishers from bloggers to large online portals. They even take care of all the boring bits, like invoicing and payment so you can concentrate on what’s important; your content.



Brands that affilinet work with

By joining affilinet you can work with brands to produce unique content that compliments your blog. You will also be able to benefit from their easy to use platform tools including their customer centric targeting and WordPress plugin.

Across Europe affilinet have over 2,500 affiliate programs and campaigns for you to choose from. The brands are creative and open to a wealth of promotional opportunities; so there is something for everyone!


Brands include

  • NOW TV
  • Debenhams
  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Hotel Chocolat
  • Sandals and more!



So how do I get started?

All you have to do is complete affilinet’s simple sign up form and you will be ready to promote their great brands. Have a look at affilinet’s fantastic Get Started Guide which has everything you need to join the network and start working with fantastic brands!


Fill out this simple sign up form and start making money online


“As a blogger, I enjoy working with affilinet as I feel that they understand what it is that we can do for them, they take suggestions on board and are clear in all communications with me. They are upfront with their expectations on collaborations, making it easy to work with them and deliver for them, and I always receive feedback when writing posts for them. Happy to work with them!”



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