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Traveller at the beach

Working for Free is Bullsh*t!

“Don’t work for free”, “Free doesn’t pay my mortgage”, Are all phrases you’ll often heard spouted on a fairly regular basis by many in the blogging world. It seems that it pays (literally) to position yourself as someone who doesn’t do any work for free and demands payment for everything… even when it isn’t actually […]
Crowd at World Travel Market

25 Sh*t Hot Tips for World Travel Market London

World Travel Market (WTM) London is now just around the corner, with the show starting on 5 November at the ExCel centre. For the few people that don’t know, WTM one of the largest travel industry events in the world, with over 50,000 people attending the three day exhibition. There are thousands of brands, destinations […]

Welcome to the Traverse Blog

For some time now we’ve been planning to launch our blog and finally… after some time, it has become a reality! We’ve always wanted to have a dynamic place to publish content about the skills and insights that go into digital content creation, bloggers/influencers and lifestyles that enable us to create more fulfilling and flexible […]